Canada Direct Mail Out Services

Canada direct mail out services provide companies with the ability to target specific populations based on their demographics and purchasing behaviors. Personalized mail and Postal Code Targeting are two of the many services available. Canada PostTM specialists can segment your audience based on lifestyle, demographics, and buying behaviors. Canada PostTM mailings are delivered within three to five days. To maximize ROI, consider the advantages of using Postal Code Targeting. Below are some of the benefits of Postal Code Targeting.

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Postal Code Targeting

If you want to maximize your return on investment, consider using Postal Code Targeting, which eliminates the need for a mailing list and saves you a lot of money. Using postal code targeting eliminates wasting your marketing budget on unqualified customers and retargeting those who have already purchased from you. services have extensive data on each postal code, including spending habits, lifestyle, and more. If you are a small business looking to increase brand awareness and spur action among prospective customers, consider postal code targeting.

PCT is made possible with Canada Post’s audience insights. Postal Code Targeting helps you identify specific audiences based on their demographics, lifestyles, and geographical location. Canada Post offers a variety of different options to tailor your direct mail campaigns based on your audience, whether you are looking for a new customer base or to maintain an existing one. The benefits are many, so don’t hesitate to explore them.

Neighbourhood Mail

A Neighbourhood Mail out service is a direct mail piece which you can prepare yourself and mail out to a target audience in your neighbourhood. You don’t need a mailing list to mail out these letters and they can also be delivered by Canada Post. It is a good idea to mail out these mail pieces at least three times a year and include them in your marketing plan. Using this service is an excellent way to create awareness of your business and stay in touch with customers.

Canada Post offers Neighbourhood Mail services at a reduced rate for qualifying customers. These rates include applicable adjustments, fees, rebates and surcharges. You must first speak to a Canada Post representative to qualify for this service and choose the neighbourhood you wish to mail to. A point & click map can be helpful in identifying which neighbourhoods you want to mail to. For more information about Neighbourhood Mail services, contact your nearest Post Office.

Personalized mail

Personalized Mail is a proven direct marketing medium. It allows you to target your promotional messages to specific customer segments. To take advantage of this type of marketing, you must mail at least 1,000 pieces of mail, prepare them according to Canada Post’s official Mail Preparation and Presortation Guide, and then send them out. Personalized Mail services are Canada Post’s most cost-effective option, allowing you to target specific prospects and best customers.

Inapak provides printing and mailing services for customized direct mail campaigns across Canada. They are a SmartMail Marketing partner, offering marketing services through Canada Post. Inapak’s services include variable data printing and mailing. This allows you to personalize your mailings using variable data. You can also opt for unaddressed and personalized mail with the same service. The prices are dependent on the number of pieces and their volume, so make sure you take your time in choosing the best mailing service.

Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail

Neighbourhood Mail out services are a powerful marketing tool that can be tailored to meet specific marketing objectives. The service is specifically targeted for specific neighbourhoods and areas, and can be used to advertise a special offer or build relationships with targeted groups. Because the service targets specific neighborhoods, it does not require the use of a customer database. Canada Post offers a simple online mapping tool to help you target the right audience.

Neighbourhood Mail rates are based on the size and weight of the mail. Delivery times may differ slightly depending on your location and the option you choose. Canada Post does not guarantee that your mail will be delivered, so be sure to check the delivery times before placing an order. It is also important to note that delivery time is not always guaranteed due to bad weather or other inconveniences. Canada Post does not guarantee delivery of Neighbourhood Mail.

Canada Post Personalized Mail

To take advantage of Canada Post Personalized Mail out services, you must be a Canadian resident and your mailing must meet the requirements. In addition to being personalized, your mail must be promotional and influence customers in some way. The dimensions and prices of Personalized Mail are different. You must choose between machinable and special handling mail, and each mailpiece must be within the same weight band. You must also follow Canada Post’s dimensions and weight limits for each mailpiece.

Personalized Mail out services are a proven direct marketing tool that allows you to target specific mailing addresses and prospects. Canada Post has millions of address records, and you can target your mailing to the people who are most likely to respond. Canada Post Personalized Mail out services are one of the most cost-effective direct mail services. By customizing your mail, you can communicate your promotional messages directly to your most important customers and prospects. By creating a personalized mail, you can maximize your return on investment and increase the number of responders.